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M 10V 10A 10
[past hour]
fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 555 comments
A most beautiful film. Perfect in all ways and with a perfect plot. The time is 1919 in Germany during the austerity imposed upon the Germans under the Treaty of Versailles and the discontent it brought, which eventually gave rise to Nationalism and the eventual rise to power of Adolf Hitler.
A remake of Ernst Lubitsch's 1932 Broken Lullaby (aka The Man I Killed). German and French dialogue with French subs for German spoken parts. Non-French speaking viewers should try to find English subs or English dubbed version. It is worth seeing.
The acting is superb; the story starting out fairly simply but the ramifications through human emotion and sentiment spread far and wide. It's certainly up there amongst the greatest movies every made. I simply loved it.
[3 hours ago]
blueangel88 , 45, F, United Arab Emirates - see her 4 comments
Thanks! Does it have english subs?
[6 hours ago]
queequeg29 , 37, M, Philippines - his first comment
Korean subbed
M 7V 9A 8
[7 hours ago]
Al-Joia , 42, M, Portugal - see his 113 comments
very good thriller horror.
M 7V 10A 10
[8 hours ago]
Interiorawakener , 55, M, Canada - see his 80 comments
Movie was ok but nothing fantastic. Weird seeing
McConaughey fat and old looking. Worth a watch.
M 3V 9A 9
[9 hours ago]
Al-Joia , 42, M, Portugal - see his 113 comments
I did not like, It´s a bit weird for the point that is pretended, I understand the Idea but the movie it slf is quite bad. My opinion,
M 5V 9A 7
[10 hours ago]
hasitha , 30, M, Sri Lanka - see his 117 comments
Good movie but It goes very very slowly.
M 7V 9A 9
[11 hours ago]
manilaashia , 51, M, United Kingdom - see his 1412 comments
Good movie. I`ve seen it before, so I know I`m going to like it.
[12 hours ago]
Myk , 117, M, United Kingdom - see his 5 comments
Subtitles :( in english with a english film ? off putting :(
M 8V 10A 8
[13 hours ago]
jaker27 , 43, M, Canada - see his 4 comments
M 10V 10A 10
[14 hours ago]
costicaghidar , 51, M, Romania - see his 139 comments
bun film
M 8V 8A 8
[14 hours ago]
Shitfuck , 36, M, Afghanistan - his first comment
If you like dogs then you'll like this. Good copy.
M 6V 7A 6
[16 hours ago]
lorance50 , 57, M, Egypt - see his 3 comments
not bad not so good
[16 hours ago]
singaboy , 52, M, Saudi Arabia - see his 110 comments
thanks admin
M 3V 5A 5
[19 hours ago]
Cerian , 37, M, United States - see his 99 comments
Much-hyped disappointment.
M 9V 9A 9
[21 hours ago]
Cortizo22 , 54, M, Portugal - see his 78 comments
Great movie.
M 5V 9A 9
fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 555 comments
Great performances from an excellent cast. Good movie though perhaps at over 2 hours a touch too long.
M 1V 10A 10
Bruciato , 27, M, Italy - his first comment
Worst standup I've ever seen. I love Louis CK but this just sucks donkey balls.
M 6V 8A 4
Seljade2110 , 31, F, Australia - see her 10 comments
Good movie
Admin see his 1793 comments
For popular movies like this the release order will be:
1.Camera release (CAM)
2.Camera with line Audio (TS)
..after few weeks or months:
3.Good audio and video with Hardcoded Korean subtitles (HC HDRip)
4.Clean Quality WEB-DL
5.Clean Quality Bluray
WEB-DL and Bluray usually doesn't have any difference and wont be so long between
If its near Oscar the 1 and 2 will be replaced with 480p Screener release
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